Johann (Hans) Leitner



With a passion for Austrian craftsmanship, 
Hans Leitner has been serving Northern
New Mexico through his expertise and
dedication to precision in fine
woodworking and construction
for over 40 years.


Mr. (Hans) Leitner was born and raised in Metnitz, Austria.

His father, Othmar Leitner, built a sawmill and heavy timber framing construction business that is continued today by Mr. Leitner’s brothers. Working with his father and his brothers from an early age Mr. Leitner learned learned the exacting and precise tolerances of precise and well-engineered construction. After studying in the Austrian trade school for construction Mr. Leitner was accepted to the Higher Technical Learning Institute (HTL) in Innsbruck to ski while studying the technical aspects of construction engineering. While on a summer alpine hiking outing, Hans met a lovely violinist with deep cultural roots in New Mexico. The rest is history, as they say...

The year 1976 Marked Hans’s permanent landing with his new family in Santa Fe and he immediately began adapting his unique skill-set and high-level craftsmanship in service of discerning clientele. After having completed many projects working on beautiful world-class homes in Santa Fe and the surrounding area, Mr. Leitner openly embraced the cultural depth embodied in the the diverse styles of construction found in Northern New Mexico. He has since then worked to improve vernacular construction methods, all the while incorporating Austrian precision, improving modern architectural aesthetics and efficient construction methods while still honoring tradition.

Aside from his renowned reputation for integrity, Mr. Leitner is especially gifted for many reasons. The first of these is his formative experience working at his father’s sawmill, learning the behavior and engineering of structural woodcraft at such a fundamental age. Adding to that, his technical schooling shines through in his ability to exact highly technical and engineering-rich plans and construction details that speak volumes of his wealth of experience and dedication to craft. Combine that with his 40+ years of experience in Austrian/American/New Mexican construction methods and one can agree that such talent is extremely rare.

Hans has constructed homes from the ground up, theatrical sets for Shakespeare in Santa Fe. 

Many heavy-timber construction of pergolas and portals and historic adobe structures can count him as their savior. 

Preferred specialities include fine cabinetry and casework, heavy timber construction, and custom designed stairs.

He has designed and fabricated hardwood weaving looms (visit Tierra Wools or Ortega's in Chimayo to view Hans' looms in operation for over 20 years).

Hans provided expert forensic investigation on the construction methods of of the Loretto Chapel staircase, the results of which were broadcast by a major television mystery show.

He recently completed a private botanical conservatory utilizing passive-solar and green-building techniques.  

Hans will listen to your needs to develop a complete scope of work. He will then propose solutions for you in response considering your endeavor with conservative principals of structural integrity, relationship to existing construction, material longevity, material availability, and an expedient construction timeframe. 

Hans will present a realistic proposal for high quality work that incorporates pricing from reputable subcontractors and material suppliers. Hans does not low-ball bids. Instead, Hans bids to provide a best value up front that represents a true and honest estimation of the scope of work.

Clear and open communication is a top priority.


Hans has had the pleasure of working with wonderful clients, and his livelihood continues to thrive on recommendations from them.

Please do not hesitate to ask for references. 


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